Monday, January 11, 2010

Emma watson fake. Pictures.

Emma watson fake. New pics from google.

emma watson fakeemma watson fakeemma watson fakeemma watson fakeemma watson fake
Emma Watson? Who thinks Emma Watson deserves respect and, if desired, the privacy. She is a very nice and all, but I think people go overboard trying to locate her and stuff? I was online and read a story (probably untrue) about Emma and had a guy who was watching Emma abused and who wrote a story, instead of hitting the man to help her was abusing his abused himself. When I read that I like OMFG ... Anyway my point is that girls shouldn't respect to, forgiven, well treated, without them, we wouldnt be here for all men! Instead of going all the men roaming the girls and rape them ... !!.... disgusting can wait until they get married then do what the woman wants, who agrees that girls should be respected and treated well. Anyway .. Especially someone like Emma Watson should have some privacy and respect! Shouldn't people stop looking for these gross pictures of people all the time and respect for the girls for once? They should be loved
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